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Viva la vida Los Roques

Los Roques - land of the Badonkadonk


After 19 hours between airports and airplanes and 2 ½ hours of sleep, we finally arrived at Los Roques and are now sporting with style a “I survived the Caracas to Los Roques flight!!” Okay.. We’re not really wearing a t-shirt that says that but only because they didn’t have them for sale at the airport when we landed ;) But before I get into our arrival to Los Roques, let me briefly tell you about what could have been our amazing race casting. Upon our arrival at Caracas, all we knew about is that some tunnel would take us to the Chapi Air flight we needed to board. We found the tunnel which brought us to the domestic terminal with no signs of the airline, no representative, no Chapi Air flights on the departure or arrival boards and more importantly, nobody that spoke either English or French. And when I say nobody I mean not-a-soul. Sure, I know all the petty resort Spanish lingo to greet, thank, ask for extra towels, and of course David‘s signature phrase: Una cerveza por favor… But here, not so much. After running up and down all the gates, up and down the stairs, with the help of a few nice gentlemen and my disturbingly bad Spanish, we finally found the ticket counter… which had absolutely no signs. How in the world are you suppose to guess Chapi air is the only airline without a sign? Anyways, we made it to the gate in time.

Now how we actually made it to Los Roques, considering the wear and tear of the plane which was missing screws, had ripped seats, a door that didn’t close all the way… this is a mystery to me. Our seat was completely broken and rocked back and forth crushing the people’s legs behind us and making us look like an old couple sitting on a big porch rocking chair. As David looked at me with a slightly concerned look, I closed my eyes and whispered: Dear Lord. You do know when I said earlier “we’re on our way to paradise” I didn’t mean it literally, right? Thank you for keeping us alive a while longer. Amen. The decent was breathtaking and made us forget all our crashing worries. Something so heavenly should almost be reserved for the real paradise…

Mario, the owner of the Posada, was waiting for us right next to the landing strip. He picked up our luggage from the plane’s trunk, placed them on a dolly and walked us to the posada. No fancy car or chauffeur waiting for you at the airport here. Well first because there is no airport, only a landing strip; but also because the only car there is on the island is the garbage truck! Mario showed us our room, where we cleaned up and changed into something more comfortable ie swim suits. Then on our way we went with a cooler filled with food, soda and beer, to the little wharf where we hopped on a speed boat to Madrisqui, a little island about 5 minutes away from Gran Roque. We spent the day on the island napping, swimming and walking around this small and beautiful island. The snorkeling here was nothing to talk about. But the badonkadonk… Well we had to re-name Los Roques as the land of the badonkadonk because neither of us have ever seen so many bubbly butt cheeks as we did today. You know the bikinis that look like half the bottom is missing. Every woman wears those here and they have the bubble butt to make it work (see picture of a random badonkadonk below). Hey here’s what I have to say ladies: if you’ve got it, flaunt it!!! Am I right boys?

At 5:00pm after the speed boat brought us back to Gran Roque, we met our first Anglophones on our way to the Posada. They were already here for 10 days and said we were the first English speaking people they have heard or seen since their arrival. We found the situation to be the same at the inn. Not only were we served delicious Italian food for supper but we shared the table with 8 Italians. It was so much fun! Between my French, and their little English, we were able to have a fun dinner conversation while one of the older Italian men sitting with us was serving our food - women first- which was sitting on the table for a family style dinner. After all that scrumptious food, we decided to go for a little stroll around town and came back to the room early to try to catch up with our sleep.

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WOW!!! de belles photos!!! J'ai hâte de lire la suite de vos aventures! Passez de belles vacances!!!
Marie-Eve xxx

by Marie-Eve

Always tell you to apply for the amazing race!!!maybe now you will consider it,as your spanish sounds like it will improve. Is"the plane"the only one that makes that run or is there hope for an upgrade,maybe that's just the fairweather one,lol. Enjoy your paradise,think we have different definitions of it.

by deb

Looks like paradise to me

by mike

Looks pretty amazing... but you should know that Chapi in papiamento means 'CHEAP'... so they couldn't afford a sign at the airport ;)
I think it was well worth the effort... enjoy your little piece of paradise!

by Marie-Claude

Looks beautiful and I'm so glad you made it safely! I think I would have ran away from that little plane crying! Could've done without the photo of the badonkadonk though....

by Sam

OMG...lol...Moi aussi j'ai hâte de voir la suite...En attendant passez de très beaux moments!Enjoy ur vacation! Chow bella

by Maryse

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