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All the foodies in the Hooouuuuuse!!! So lets forget about the whole beach vacation extraordinaire here for a minute and talk about the real things. You know.. The essential things of life, the fuel to our energy: the basic needs we call eating… Even if you’d hate sunny beautiful weather and gorgeous beaches, if you were a self proclaimed foodie - you know, the kind who like me makes Mmm sounds while they eat something delicious and love taking pictures of their food, yeah-you know who you are - Posada Movida is the place to vacation. While I was eating my meal today, between 2 Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmms I looked at my new friend from Argentina and told her “I have died and woke up in food heaven”. Francesca, the Posada’s cook is officially the Goddess of all foods in our book. She says in broken Italian “ dinner is ready at seven thirty o’clock” and we show up with our taste buds ready to be taken to the nirvana of delectability.

As for the rest of our vacation, it has been of outmost bliss. Our second day in Los Roques, after a yummy breakfast consisting of freshly made bread, eggs and pancakes covered with nutella, the Posada’s boat dropped us off at our very own semi-private sand bar for the day. The island was as big as our Condo and surrounded by beautifully turquoise colored water which was home to numerous conch shells and hundreds of thousands of colorful fish. We quickly realized Los Roques would become our number one spot for snorkeling.

You probably know that snorkeling is one of the things both David and I love doing the most in life. But you also know my complete aversion to large fish. Yes, Jaws made another “traumatized until the end of time” victim out of me. So I’m completely amazed and overwhelmed by the beauty of the underwater life yet I might be a bit of an overly cautious snorkeler while floating around in the middle of the sea. Especially knowing that Los Roques is believed to have not only an incredibly great number of large fish such as Bonefish, Barracuda and Tarpon but also has some of the LARGEST fish in terms of size!!! David is literally on cloud nine thinking about all the great fish he'll be catching in the next few days. Did I mention they also have sharks around? Yup. Tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, lemon sharks all kind of lovely sharp-teeth-black-eyed-devilish-looking harmless fishies... and you know what the only bad thing about Los Roques being the hidden gem is? Not a whole lot of swimmers' footsies to serve as appetizers while David and I reach the beach. Don't judge me. You know in those situations we all think "better them then us"... ;)

Mr. Fisherman-Rattray hasn’t been lucky enough to catch a big fish yet but I was the very unlucky one to have a barracuda stalking me while my dear hubby was fishing hundreds of meters away from where I was snorkeling. God I hate those awfully mean looking fish! Creepy! But sitting under our umbrella wasn’t too much of a horrendous task for me to do while waiting for David to be done fishing. David also had a near traumatizing experience when he touched what he thought was a shell but was in fact a sting ray. He (very manly) screamed like a girl from the surprise. He also was the lucky witness of a 3 feet long grey fish swimming a few meters away from him. Not sure what that one was but we’re guessing either another barracuda or something more teeth deprived like a Jack fish.

The third day, in a ‘coco’nutshell, started the same way as day 2 but we were dropped off at Noronkys island which is known for having a lot of sea turtles hanging around. And guess what?! WE GOT TO SWIM NEXT TO ONE!!!!!! Pardon the over excitement here but we have both been dreaming about this since our vacation to Roatan. It was magical. They are so adorable yet incredibly graceful. This itself, made our whole trip!! We also saw hundreds of black salamanders while sitting on the beach. It was pretty cool at first but got a little annoying while we were trying to have lunch and some were literally trying to crawl on us. There were also a dozen hermit crabs walking around but since they were pretty timid , they never became pesky to us. We also got to see the most amount of huge colorful fishes we’ve ever seen since our snorkeling debut 6 years ago. Yay Los Roques!!!

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Glad to hear the cuisine beats the resort buffets.Better have pictures to back up those fish stories!Your smiles tell all.

by Deb

Sounds amazing! Love reading the stories, keep them coming, have a great time and hope to see you both soon.

by Mosher

Looks like the trip is going great. Its time for red fisher to start producing some fish! Have fun!!!!!!!

by Dwight

Looks like pure heaven and sounds like it too. I'm jealous but not have a place to go thanks to my wonderful travel experts!

by Valerie

You guys look like you're having the best time! And so jealous of your pancakes with NUTELLA, MMMMMMMMMM! :)

by Joanna

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