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Birthday surprise and Krasky critters

When it rain, it poors

For all the very sweet people who wished me surprises for my birthday, your wish became reality... but not quite the way I expected. We woke up to a downpour in the posada. Yes, I mean IN the posada because the hallways outside the rooms and half the dining room doesn't have the common amenity we call roof.
We thought we'd be housebound for the day but Mario (the posada's owner) said in broken English - that sounds much like the villain from Despicable Me - "Rrain will stop. Maybe rrain more 5 minutes. But stop again. What island you want to go to todaayy?" We decided, along with our friends from Argentina to go back to the small sandbar from the second day of our stay.
They dropped us off by boat and left. The sky was cloudy for about an hour after we arrived at the completely deserted mini-island. Then a boat arrived and 4 women laid on our island (how dare they? ;) ) for about 20 minutes until the men in the boat started waving their arms frantically for them to come back in the boat. They were gone in a flash. As we were picking up our jaws that had just fell down in the water after seeing how scary-dark the sky had become, we sprinted back to our umbrella to try and get prepared for the storm while the rain started drumming on our skin. We hoped for a 5 minute shower like Mario predicted but Mother Nature had something else in mind. We built a wall to try and protect us from the storm with folded beach chairs, our cooler, flippers and sand. Sitting on a towel behind the mini wall covered with a second beach towel. 1 hour of torrential rain and heavy wind. Stuck in a raging deluge in the middle of the sea with nothing but a beach umbrella and an improvised wall to protect us. Happy birthday to me!!!! 1.5 hours later, the rain was still steadily falling from the clouds but the wind had calmed down. We were completely soaked and shivering cold. Our friend Alfredo was jogging up and down the sandbar to try gaining a little warmth to his body while David was still trying to send subliminal messages to our boat guy by repeating "Haaaaaarryyyyy come for us Haaaarryyyyyy". Once the rain completely stopped, Harry finally showed up. Can't say we warmed up to a comforting hot shower back at the posada because the taps do not have the internationally known red dot on them. Only the blue dot that is probably quite useful for all the single men surrounded by all those badonkadonks all day. We assume the warmth of the water depends on the daily sunshine. The hotter the day, the warmer the water in the oversized blue drums on the roof of each posada which is their hot water supply. All this to say: Cold rainy day = cold shower. Now who thinks this makes a good combo?? One thing is for sure. This will be a birthday to remember!

Thursday was still a tad cloudy but the rain was out of the picture (perfect). We visited an island named Krasky and were once again taken aback by the beauty of this new place we discovered. When I said in previous blogs that we saw hundreds of fish, never have I meant it ALL at the same time but this place was a snorkeling dream. Hundreds and I literally mean 100s of fish swimming, floating, bobbing along with us all at the same time. I've never said so many owwws in a row!!! (if you look it up on the English-Snorkel dictionary, you'd translate that to WoW!!!) I don't know if it's because there were so many of them and only 2 of us, but they were just hanging there, curiously checking us out without blinking an eye... ;) Obviously unperturbed by our presence. Yet another magical moment to add to the Rattray memory book.
Krasky also has it's own kind of jewels right on the island. Mountains and mountains of beautiful conch shells.
One of the most unique and amazing piles of sea treasures we've ever seen.
We've been very blessed to have some wonderful people sharing the posada with us. And those family style dinners are the best way to make new friends. It's been challenging but oh so rewarding to try communicating and learn to know them all. Between the bit of English spoken by everyone, hand gestures, similar latin based words and plenty of white wine flowing steadily; there was never a dull or silent moment at the table. At this point we shared our dinners with 2 couples from Argentina, 4 fishermen from Austria, a couple from Brazil and a few couples from Italy. Thanks to the email and facebook era, it will make it much easier to keep in touch with the ones we grew closer to.
On Friday as much as we wanted to explore further islands, Los Roques being such a remote archipelago, needs to have everything shipped from the mainland. And everything includes gasoline for the boats. For some reason, the gas shipment never came this week and the supplies are getting low. That means no boat wants to go to the further islands. But ya know, when you have to chose between paradise islands, there just isn't a way to lose. We decided to go back to our dream snorkeling island.
That day was another amazing discovery day for us as we found THE starfish central!! In a 30 feet radius, we saw at least 12 of them. And no small cute ones. I'm talking ones the size of both our heads together. So beautiful.
The wind was blowing quite hard for the 3rd day so we got to see a lot of kite surfers. We considered trying it ourselves but after seeing experienced surfers doing a few face plants, being stranded on the high seas and being rescued from another island; we both said: Naaaahh... maybe next time.
The ride back was extremely bumpy but not quite as much as the day before which made us feel like the little cushions between the discs in our back didn't have any cushiness left to them after the ride (I know, I'm like a human medical encyclopedia). But today was just bumpy enough for David to unconsciously start making Karate chopping "Hiyaaa"s and "Waaaaaah"s every time the boat hit the ebb of a big wave while trying to protect his back by absorbing the shock with his legs. This was the funniest, most random thing he did (all day) so we giggled all the way back to Gran Roque. :)

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Tu devais avoir hâte que la tempête finisse!!! Bon retour à la maison, ici il pleut des cordes aujourd'hui!!! Je suis contente d'avoir découvert ce petit coin de paradis avec toi! À bientôt!

Marie-Eve xxx

by Marie-Eve

WOW guys,what a trip/experience!Pictures are phenomenal,antidotes wonderful.Did a conch shell make it back as a momento?

by deb

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